Are you ready for this?

508,000,000 million dollars!!
This is the next Mega Millions jackpot after no one won the latest draw.
The winning numbers were 29/46/53/64/73/10.
Do you know what the new winning numbers will be? if so, please tell me…or go and buy yourself a ticket, I know I would.
The next raffle will be on July 9.

Another big jackpot will be on Powerball, with a first prize money of 288,000,000 dollars, not bad, is it?
The winning numbers were 2/24/31/57/66/18.
The next raffle will be on July 10.

Later today the lottery of the SuperEnalotto will go ahead, with a jackpot of 104,700,000 Euros, fantastic amount for the Europeans.
Don’t miss it, there is less than 9 hours until the draw.
Good luck my friends.

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