Is winning the lottery will make you happy?



If you think that millions of dollars are particularly better than most of the other things in life which can bring you happiness, then you are wrong and you are not the only one.
US researchers of psychology and economics examined this matter and found that winning the lottery does not guarantee you certain happiness, and in fact, the chances of being happier, in this case, are only around 50%.
The same research found that 2% of the people who won the lottery became less happy after winning.

How is it possible that the level of happiness of the people who won the lottery did not change?
The researchers call this the theory of hedonistic routine, and it says something very simple:
We quickly get used to almost anything that happens to us.
The effect of great achievement, anything from a win of an amount of money or a promotion at work affect our happiness level for a set period of time, and then it returns to the happiness meter of its previous state.
Ultimately, no matter how much money I have, but rather whatever I’m doing with it to promote my happiness.

Did you ever ask yourself what you need to be happy? how measured of happiness?

Our subconscious transmits to us all the time that happiness is not measured by material things, only we do not listen to him.
We are chasing after material things because in today’s world money is the measure of success.

The pursuit after money is not a bad thing, unfortunately, in the world which we live on, an average salary makes life very difficult, but we need to remember that money is not our choice to be good and happy people, but rather the choice of a person itself.