The stories of the ones who won the lottery

Collection of comments of people who won the lottery for the first time:

A clerk in the public sector checked his lottery ticket and thought he won 20,000 dollars.
After arriving at the lottery offices to receive his award, he discovered it was a prize of 20 million dollars!
“Up until today I could not help my children the way I wanted, but now thanks to the winning I will help them financially to purchase an apartment.
“I will continue to work as usual and won’t change my daily routine”
“Now I can help a little bit for myself, the money will help me live a pleasant life when I retire”

The winner is the employee his 50s, a father of three children, he won 117 million dollars. He bought a lottery ticket and didn’t checked it, two days later his father died.
After the funeral, he went home and found out he was the winner of the first prize lottery held a few days before.
“I bought the ticket two days before the death of my father, last night I went to the lottery website and I was surprised that I became a millionaire, said the winner”.
“I am a person who lives Okay, I have no debts”
“The prize I won it will help me support my mother, and help me arrange my children.”

A 60 years old woman won 28 million pounds.
The winner has played four columns, according to the birthdays of her grandchildren.
“It took me three days to unwind from the excitement that gripped the family.”
“My husband and I are working as employees, in recent years, we had to increase our credit line primarily because of the mortgage”
“We have three children and four grandchildren, all the years we have helped the children and especially we have invested in their education”
“Now we can help them buy houses without a mortgage”
When she was asked if she plans to travel around the world, the winning lady replied: “Actually, I do not have even a passport, but now I have good reason to get one…”