What to do after winning the jackpot?

man come to the big bag of money

Did you know that 44% of the lottery winners lose it all?!

Indeed, according to a 2015 Camelot Group study, 44% of those who have ever won large lottery prices were broke within five years.

If you’re not careful, winning the lottery raffle can create an own personal nightmare, economic and mental.
The reason is that many people don’t have the first clue how to deal with a big winning and how to keep the money they’ve earned and ended up wasting it all.

How can you avoid it?

Two most important tips from those who lost their money after a big win could give in light of their bitter personal experience are:

The first person you should speak after you win the lottery is a financial adviser, maybe even a lawyer who can advise how you should save your money, but the main thing is that they be professionals who can give you “Cold” advice instead of involving personal feelings.

The second advice is, not tell about your winnings beyond the relatives and close friends that you can trust them not to tell the world about your “secret”, otherwise the rumors will soon be spread at all directions, and then you will begin to receive all kind of business proposals who can turn your head, requests for donations from all sides, and perhaps even a threatening messages from undesirable elements.

Be smart after winning.
Be modest.
Enjoy your luck when it comes.
Learn from the mistakes of others.