Prediction of the lottery results


For decades many people have tried to crack the algorithm that will allow the prediction of the lottery results.

Many statistics institutes were and still are dealing with this issue, examining the prevalence of formal winnings prominent on the base of a column or row, arithmetic formula’s, special series and more.
Others focused on predicting the results on the base of lottery numbers which have not yet been obtained in the past, assuming that this is pure statistics which have a higher chance to win.
As of today there is no longer a safe method for predicting the results, and if there was such a system, then was not a possibility to edit any lotteries at this current format, but there are tools that increase and improves the chances of winning the various lotteries.
All that’s left is for the public of the lotteries participants to decide whether they want to rely on luck only and hope for the best or to be based on methods which have proven to be highly effective.