Bizarre and funny facts on money


Studies conducted in the United States on money yielded interesting results.
These are some of them, many surprising or unexpected, sometimes even bizarre and funny.

The larger part of our fantasies is about money more than sex.

Money is the main cause of problems in marriage life.

65% of Americans would live on a desert island alone for a year in exchange for a million dollars.

For 10 million dollars, most people would do anything!
This includes abandoning of a family and friends, leave or convert the religion, and even a sex reassignment surgery.
More than 7% of respondents are also willing to kill someone for 10 million dollars!

92% of us would rather be rich than finding the love of their lives.

1 in 4 people thinks their best chance of getting rich is by lottery jackpot.

5% of all people who buy lottery tickets acquire 51% of all tickets sold.

30% of people say they need 3 million dollars to feel rich.

Most people do not bend over to pick up money from the sidewalk unless it’s at least a dollar.

Sunday newspaper coupon is the second most read part of a newspaper after the main page.

63% of us do not buy a product advertised on the Internet because we believe that shipping and handling charges are too high to proceed.

More than a third of American women think that money is more important to the success of a marriage, even more than good sex.

When it comes to their home, most people want a luxurious kitchen more than anything.