There is a jackpot who’s waiting for the next winner

The Mega Millions jackpot is still growing, as no one matched all six numbers drawn yesterday!
The last winning numbers were: 17/24/27/48/75/6.
Three players had tickets which matched the five white balls and won the second prizes, each one took one million dollars, not bad, isn’t it?!
The next draw will be on May 21 with a jackpot of 187,000,000 dollars!

No one won the jackpot of the SuperEnalotto and the new jackpot stands at 84,100,000 Euro.
The winning numbers of yesterday draw were: 1/10/19/44/68/74.
The next draw will be on May 19.

Also in the EuroMillions no one was able to grab the first prize.
The winning numbers were: 15/27/32/36/39/3/10.
The jackpot for the next draw will be 30,000,000 Euro and draw will take place on May 20.

Maybe you will take one of those jackpots next time?
Take your shoot and buy a ticket.

Good Luck.

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