We’ve got a winner!

There was one Powerball jackpot winner on Saturday who grabbed the first prize of 429,000,000 dollars!
What can we say about it? just one word, amazing!!
The winning numbers were: 5/25/26/44/66/9.
3,011,353 additional players won prizes totaling more than 25.7 Million dollars.
The next Powerball lottery will be on May 12 with a jackpot of 40,000,000 dollars.

The jackpot of Mega Millions heats up with a first prize of 150,000,000 dollars.
The next raffle will be on May 9.

No yet won the latest jackpot of SuperEnalotto and the jackpot now stands at a prize money of 80,200,000 Euro.
Same story goes for the EuroMillions and his jackpot stands at a prize money of 73,000,000 Euro.
The two lotteries from Europe will be on May 10.

Good luck!

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